St. Louis

I just wanted to share a few pictures from our recent day in St. Louis. We had the best time seeing the show at the Stifel Theater and taking in a little of the city.  It had been a few years since we had explored St. Louis and it was great to be back! 

We visited the Museum of Westward Expansion which is underground at the Arch Visitor’s Center. I had been years ago and remembered how much we learned about the west and the complex functioning society that was in place long before St. Louis was even a part of the United States. It covers the history of the area in a way that seems to get skimmed over in general U.S. History study. The museum has had a recent expansion and there are lots of new exhibits!

Trying ALL the fudge flavors at the cute little store at the exit of the museum. Thank you St. Louis!!

The Hermitage

Since we had to make a quick stop in Nashville to allow Taylor to finish up some work on the new String Theory album, I jumped at the chance to visit the home of Andrew Jackson, The Hermitage! Being Oklahomans and growing up with the story of the displacement of the Native Americans so close to our hearts, taking time to learn about Andrew Jackson brought about meaningful conversations regarding history and how things are never as simple as they seem, and how “history” is a story of mankind that like any story will be told differently from different perspectives. We had a chance to really talk about what it means to be a good historian, and in all things to question what you know and never stop listening and learning.

The Hermitage land is beautiful and well-cared for and we enjoyed skipping around the grounds!  Something we have done before, but didn’t do on this visit, is the wagon tour that takes you all over the farm and tells more about the lives of all the people that lived at the Hermitage. It’s a fun way to see the whole place, especially on a hot day. The house tour isn’t too long and is appropriate for all ages. Some on the highlights are the original wallpaper in the entry way, and the beautiful portrait of Rachel Jackson that hangs in Andrew Jackson’s bedroom.

A museum tour pet peeve of mine is when the docent seems too scripted and uninterested in the information they are offering.  They have such a chance to inspire as they speak life into these places it feels like a waste when they fail to exude a little enthusiasm! Well, this was not the case on our tour of the Hermitage. We were lucky enough to have man named Jim Sharp who is an educator at the Hermitage filling in for one of the regular docents who called in sick. Listening to him speak about Jackson and his library with real interest, and with thoughtful answers to people’s questions made it all come to life! The kids all agreed after the tour that his part was the best because authentic interest is contagious!

Speaking of education, the Hermitage website has really good resources for pre-visit planning and school lessons HERE. I think there is a great benefit, not just for teachers, but for anyone taking children to a museum to take advantage of these types of resources to enhance the ability to connect with the information presented and retain it after your visit.

Thank you Viggo for being who you are and always keeping us from getting lost!

I feel I must explain what is happening here, which is all of her siblings are positioning her in order to get the perfect “I’m petting a Pokemon” shot 🙂

The money shot.


Taylor and I and all the children are so excited about the new family member coming this December! More than ever I realize how time flies and every moment with these people counts. I thought I would use this space to share a few more pictures with you and tell you a little more about what’s going on with us this year! First, a special thanks to our friends Matt and Joanna for making these photos happen. Real friends take pictures of your kids AND make sure their noses are wiped and hair doesn’t look cray!  These friends also happen to make drool-worthy camera straps and bags like the one Penny’s holding.Check them out!

This fall, Hanson is doing a series of special shows with symphonies all around the country. The shows are beautiful and unlike anything they have done before. It almost feels like a musical because of the way they weave their songs together to tell the story of dreaming, achieving, fighting, and carrying on. It lifts my spirits every time!

Because of the timing of these shows and everything going on with us, we decided now was a great time to stick together and do this as a family. So, we are back on the road! Its been awhile since we’ve had the whole crew with us full time and its crazy to think how little they were in years past. Now we have these big kids who are so cool and fun and help out big time. So all you parents of little ones out there, hang in there! It gets awesome!  Being full time on the road means #roadschool is back in session and so far so good.  Once again our dynamics have shifted so much since everyone was small and even school feels like much more of a team effort.

I look forward to sharing some of our journey with you all!





Afternoon in Oak Park

We spent yesterday in the beautiful Chicago suburb of Oak Park checking out a few FLW sights and strolling around the neighborhood. There are so many beautiful houses and lawns there it feels as if you are transported back to the turn of the century.

Tay and I had been to Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio over ten years ago, but this was the kids first time and it was fun to share it with them.

We did a combination tour of the home and studio,  then an audio tour that walks you through some landmarks in the neighborhood. I was worried how the second part would turn out, as I was still recovering from a particularly frustrating experience at a museum in France with an audio tour where the kids acted so overwhelmed and lost. That led me to steer clear of them for a while. However, this one turned out to be our favorite part of the day! Willa and Viggo particularly took that map and speaker and led the tour like it was their job. (control issues ftw!)

We are all enjoying being on the road with dad so much. It is really great for the kids to see up close all the hard work and collaboration it takes to make things happen. The traveling alone requires a level of flexibility and self-control not normally exercised and I am proud to say everyone is stepping up in those areas in order to make it all work!

Also, I want to say thank you to everyone suggesting places to see in your hometown as we come through! I really appreciate it and look each one of them up to see if we can make them happen. Keep them coming!


Atlanta History Center

I wanted to share a few pictures from our visit to the Atlanta History Center!  It was so fun to teach the kids a little bit about my family and their Georgia heritage. My family has lived in Georgia a long time and the stories told in the museum all felt really personal to my mother and me. My grandfather went to elementary school on Luckie Street, right down from where I would meet my future husband almost 70 years later. Her great aunt was killed in the Winecoff Hotel Fire which is covered pretty thoroughly in the exhibit hall. The main building and the grounds of the History Center are quite stunning and served as an inspiring setting to tell the children so many stories. One particularly fascinating project happening there right now is the move and restoration of the Cyclorama.  My cousin and one of my history heroes, Elizabeth Edmondson, was the historian for the Cyclorama and donated much of her time to its preservation.  I know she would be proud to see its still being cared for by the History Center.  I was hoping we might get to see the original Pink Pig, but apparently it was there only as a temporary exhibit and is owned by Macy’s now.  I think a few things sunk in with the kids, although all they really said was “everyone here sounds like you, Mom!” ha!

I had to exert some gift shop self-control!


Oklahoma History Center

In celebration of #museumweek, I thought I’d share a little bit of our recent visit to the Oklahoma History Center. I have been doing some Oklahoma history reading recently so I was excited to learn a little more.  You can check out some of the books I’ve enjoyed here, here, and here.  Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic, but because of the influence of Native Americans on Oklahoma’s past, I feel like I’m continuely finding ties between Georgia and Oklahoma! Do you know we have almost all the same county names in Georgia and Oklahoma? I really didn’t understand the significance of this until I delved a little deeper into Oklahoma history and uncovered the many interwoven stories of people displaced to Indian Territory, many of them from the southeastern United States.  Fun Fact, the Georgia state flower is the Cherokee Rose, which legend says grew where the tears of the weeping mothers fell of the Trail of Tears. How beautiful is that?! Ok, enough GA/OK romance, back to the History Center..

The museum is set up into several exhibit halls covering different parts of Oklahoma history.  The museum provides some great curriculum options on their website which can help prepare kids for things they might look forward to seeing.

As you would expect, there is a very thorough exhibit on the oil industry in the museum. It takes you through the history of oil in the state and then explains some of the most recent technology in the field.

In the exhibit explaining the era of pioneer settlers, the kids enjoyed the recreation of the one-room schoolhouse with hands-on displays and desks they could try. Viggo is looking at a cigar box filled with pencils which is where my grandparents always kept my crayons and I still keep a cigar box with my own crayons in my desk! I didn’t know that was a thing!

I looked over and saw Viggo getting a little emotional as he listened into this phone, and when I picked it up to listen, I realized it was people telling their stories of loved one gone off to war. So sweet.

He was really into the phones!

Actually he was happy all day 🙂

Question, have anyone’s children outgrown the fight to push the elevator button? (asking for a friend)

Tulsa Historical Society

I thought my little blog might need to be dusted off for spring before everyone comes to town,  so I took the chance to enjoy a much needed sunny day here in Tulsa at the Tulsa Historical Society with my girls!

The Tulsa Historical Society building is the former mansion of the Travis Family and is located adjacent to Woodward Park, where you can also visit the Linneaus Teaching Gardens, the Rose Garden, and the Arboretum. All of these beautiful spots are located within walking distance of each other.

The Historical Society has an exhibit hall with a timeline of the cities history, which like most of the state, is a colorful combination of indian tribes and oil!  It is an easy and quick way to sort through the roots of the city.

For those who want to dive a little deeper, there is a cozy research center upstairs which has a collection of books on the city’s history, many of which are difficult to find elsewhere.  There is also a great collection of Tulsa and Oklahoma history books for sale at the entrance to the museum.

Funday Sunday!

With all the wet weather lately, come Sunday we were ready to get out and have a little fun! We decided to head over to Gilcrease Museum for their Funday Sunday event. We had a ball and enjoyed all the activities they had set up for children. The whole museum had such a friendly feeling that day!


There was a craft set up in the beautiful Vista Room for the kids to do. When I come to Gilcrease I always make sure to walk in the room just to enjoy the view of the Osage Hills!



Everyone (especially Viggo who loves a good list to check off!) had fun doing the art hunt through the galleries.





Although I don’t have a picture of it for you guys, I think my favorite part of the day was hearing the string quartet playing music in front of Shoshone Falls on the Snake River by Thomas Moran. As my friend Jessica said, “it was like the paintings were coming alive!”



And why not a little gelato at STG to wrap it all up?


What a beautiful weekend we had in Tulsa. The weather was perfect for heading over to Oktoberfest!  I have to tell you, the Tulsa State Fair is the real deal and we always try to make our fall pilgrimage, but we couldn’t do it this year which left me a little disappointed. Now I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you like a few rides, and few fried items, fall atmosphere, (with maybe a little less livestock) Oktoberfest can definitely do the trick! We’ve actually skipped the ride section at the fair the past few years and have just gone to Oktoberfest because the area is small enough that I can actually let my kids go around with friends to the rides without losing everybody. Also, if you have child who happens to look dashing in lederhosen, this is the perfect excuse to have him put those things on so you can gawk at his cuteness 😉









begging for a dance partner

k45a6135she wins as usual.


  • top featured image credit : Rebecca Sarkar  Thanks for letting me jump in 🙂