What a beautiful weekend we had in Tulsa. The weather was perfect for heading over to Oktoberfest!  I have to tell you, the Tulsa State Fair is the real deal and we always try to make our fall pilgrimage, but we couldn’t do it this year which left me a little disappointed. Now I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you like a few rides, and few fried items, fall atmosphere, (with maybe a little less livestock) Oktoberfest can definitely do the trick! We’ve actually skipped the ride section at the fair the past few years and have just gone to Oktoberfest because the area is small enough that I can actually let my kids go around with friends to the rides without losing everybody. Also, if you have child who happens to look dashing in lederhosen, this is the perfect excuse to have him put those things on so you can gawk at his cuteness 😉









begging for a dance partner

k45a6135she wins as usual.


  • top featured image credit : Rebecca Sarkar  Thanks for letting me jump in 🙂

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