Atlanta History Center

I wanted to share a few pictures from our visit to the Atlanta History Center!  It was so fun to teach the kids a little bit about my family and their Georgia heritage. My family has lived in Georgia a long time and the stories told in the museum all felt really personal to my mother and me. My grandfather went to elementary school on Luckie Street, right down from where I would meet my future husband almost 70 years later. Her great aunt was killed in the Winecoff Hotel Fire which is covered pretty thoroughly in the exhibit hall. The main building and the grounds of the History Center are quite stunning and served as an inspiring setting to tell the children so many stories. One particularly fascinating project happening there right now is the move and restoration of the Cyclorama.  My cousin and one of my history heroes, Elizabeth Edmondson, was the historian for the Cyclorama and donated much of her time to its preservation.  I know she would be proud to see its still being cared for by the History Center.  I was hoping we might get to see the original Pink Pig, but apparently it was there only as a temporary exhibit and is owned by Macy’s now.  I think a few things sunk in with the kids, although all they really said was “everyone here sounds like you, Mom!” ha!

I had to exert some gift shop self-control!