Taylor and I and all the children are so excited about the new family member coming this December! More than ever I realize how time flies and every moment with these people counts. I thought I would use this space to share a few more pictures with you and tell you a little more about what’s going on with us this year! First, a special thanks to our friends Matt and Joanna for making these photos happen. Real friends take pictures of your kids AND make sure their noses are wiped and hair doesn’t look cray!  These friends also happen to make drool-worthy camera straps and bags like the one Penny’s holding.Check them out!

This fall, Hanson is doing a series of special shows with symphonies all around the country. The shows are beautiful and unlike anything they have done before. It almost feels like a musical because of the way they weave their songs together to tell the story of dreaming, achieving, fighting, and carrying on. It lifts my spirits every time!

Because of the timing of these shows and everything going on with us, we decided now was a great time to stick together and do this as a family. So, we are back on the road! Its been awhile since we’ve had the whole crew with us full time and its crazy to think how little they were in years past. Now we have these big kids who are so cool and fun and help out big time. So all you parents of little ones out there, hang in there! It gets awesome!  Being full time on the road means #roadschool is back in session and so far so good.  Once again our dynamics have shifted so much since everyone was small and even school feels like much more of a team effort.

I look forward to sharing some of our journey with you all!