Children’s Discovery Garden

We spent Sunday at the Children’s Discovery Garden at Tulsa Botanic Gardens. The garden is just a few minutes north of downtown and is an exciting new addition to the city.  It was honestly too hot to see the entire garden, but the children’s garden turned out to be plenty of fun for a Sunday afternoon. When we arrived at the front desk, the kids picked up maps to the children’s garden that listed a few fun things to look for as they walked through the area. I like the “scavenger hunt” idea most when it is simple and doesn’t take away from the feeling of being present when you are visiting somewhere. This one was really fun and my list oriented child made sure he found everything!

viggo garden map

I was lucky to have a couple extra photographers on hand to capture our day.

penny photo pond

willa photo

scene botanic garden

big boys garden

viggo sensory garden

 The Sensory Walk highlights ways to use all five senses in the garden.

head garden

Spring Giant!


Inside Spring Giant. Contemplating sticking their heads under the water, I think.


The art wall where you can use the water to paint.

band garden

Playing the instruments behind Spring Giant, and I think Willa is the majorette.

willa tree fort bridge

Inside the magical tree fort. This was our favorite part!

boys thrones

River and Viggo on the awesome “Oak Thrones”. I’m not sure if climbing on them is against the rules.. if so, sorry!  (Hanson kids are part monkey!)

penny touch knit

Penny and I couldn’t get enough of this beautiful art around the tree branch.

pen div climb pic

The buddies. climbing on things again 😉

riv ribbons

riv will costumes

Dressing up in the tree fort. It really was dreamy there!

viggo cray costumes

viggo dragonflies

Spinning the dragonflies on the Meadow.

will ribbon garden


  1. Love all the pictures. It looks like such a colorful place to visit. My kids always loved painting the porch & fence with a bucket of water and an old paint brush. Such an easy & mess-free way to amuse kids for hours.

    Where did you find the baby’s dress? It’s gorgeous.

  2. It looks like a really big garden 🙂 tje sculpture is amazing and so cool you can go inside it!
    I would love that treefort too!!! And the thrones! How beautifully crafted!
    I would totally want to live there☺

  3. Looks wonderful and filled with lots of fun adventures, especially for the curious. Thanks for sharing.

  4. OOOO, a new place to visit when I go to Tulsa again next year! Absolutely beautiful photos, you really captured the day well!

    Thank you for the post!

  5. This place looks absolutely whimsical. Wish we could make a road trip to Tulsa – but its a bit of a jaunt from Southern Ontario! Your kids are beautiful and your family looks so happy. 🙂

  6. Nat, I have just found your blog, and I am very impressed with the things you are teaching these lovely angels <3 I wasn't even aware that such places existed, I think it is so nice that you guys take them places so that they can learn so many neat things that they wouldn't get to in the public school system, I so wish my parent could of done the same for me =) I hope they realize how fortunate they are to get the amazing opportunity =) I have already had the pleasure of meeting your awesome husband, I'd like to meet you as well as you seem like a most wonderful lady =) Keep being the amazing individual that you are ma'am and have a most blessed evening =)

  7. I love reading your blog – you take your kids to the coolest places! But I’ve got to ask – how do you manage to wrangle FIVE kids out on your adventures? I only have ONE (a 1 1/2 year old son) and struggle! =)

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