Fab Lab

We had so much fun getting a tour of the Hardesty Center for Fab Lab this week. The kids and I caught a peek of the finished Hop Jam guitar, which was made entirely at the Fab Lab, and it was so cool we decided we had to take a trip over there and see all they have going on!

Brandi was our gracious guide and took us around the lab to explore some of the great tools they have there. The first thing we got to check out was the 3-D printer. I was definitely curious about this. The kids got to hold some of the things that had been printed and we were all just blown away by the possibilities of the technology. So cool.

check out 3-d

printer product

Next up was the laser cutter which can be used for engraving different materials such as wood, acrylics, plastics and more.

laser cutter

viggo laser printer

Then we headed out to see the large milling machine which was instrumental in creating the Hop Jam guitar. Brandi let everybody touch and explore several different materials that can be used with the mill.

K45A1589 littles

Our class had a super cute visitor. My precious nephew Hanson.

Back inside the kids got to pick out a shape to have cut on the vinyl cutter.

riv smile laser


laser toothlessThis guy specifically requested “Toothless” and they were happy to accommodate.

Our last stop was the electronics section of the lab which was filled with just about everything you would need to bring your creations to life. The possibilities at Fab Lab are endless, and its great to know a place like this exists.


Penny paper glasses

  1. Wow! Great to get minds thinking visiting a place like that. What a cute visitor too;) Do you prefer going alone as a family or with a large group for field trips? I’d imagine everyone focuses more in small groups. Thanks!

  2. What a cool shop! My husband has a 3D Printer (he makes robots and whatnot) and it’s such a cool thing to have with a toddler. So many possibilities when it comes to making toys for learning and of course just for fun!

  3. I never knew there was so much to do in Tulsa! That Chandler Bing from “Friends” totally have me a wrong idea of the city! The children are beautiful, Natalie! You are really great at this whole mom thing! =)

  4. Wow, this looks like an amazing creative place. It seems that you all had tons of fun. In Holland is a place that is called ‘De Uitvinderij’. ‘Uitvinder’ is Dutch for Inventor and this is just a made up word for Place to be an inventor.
    Anyways, I took my kids there and it is quite similar, but ‘de uitvinderij’ is meant to host groups of children with different techniques. You could work with wood, paper, paint, metal and a lot of other stuff too. If you are ever in Holland again, you should check it out. 🙂

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