Fish Tales

Another snowy day in Tulsa called for a trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium. Here we could at least pretend we were in a tropical environment, observing their wide variety of underwater inhabitants!

Running to Aquarium

We don’t make it to the aquarium as often as I would like because its further south than we usually drive, and since I haven’t purchased a membership, admission for our group can get pricey. However, I discovered a program on their website called “Fish Tales”, which offers children half price admission if you print out a form and fill it with a drawing or story about a fish. It’s a great way to get everybody excited about the aquarium and save a little money too!

River Fish TaleRiver’s Tale

Fish Tale WallTales are displayed inside the aquarium.

I love how many hands on exhibits there are for the brave ones in the group.

PR turtlesK45A0279 K45A0197Hey River! Get out of there!

Probably the most impressive element of the aquarium is the shark tunnel. You walk through and under 15 bull sharks on the move! It’s amazing! The tank is also home to four nurse sharks who are usually found lazily positioned in front of the vents near the bottom, letting fresh oxygen flow over their gills. The bull sharks however must swim constantly which makes for an exciting live action show as you walk through the exhibit.

shark tunnelAs Ezra and I hurried ahead to shorten our time underwater, an employee stopped to inform us that under the thick acrylic walls of the tank is actually the safest spot in the museum, and their designated tornado shelter. Thanks but no thanks!

  1. Hey Natalie, I am really enjoying your adventures! You are providing the world examples of how learning really occurs for all children and even us adults. I am a teacher by training and the system now is not built for kiddos. Please continue to share your experiences! I just recently read this that you may be interested in:

  2. Hi, Natalie! My husband and I visited the aquarium last year while in Tulsa for Hanson day and loved it! Can’t wait to go back! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Though I have never been to Tulsa, my husband’s family is from various parts of Oklahoma and now that we a kid the idea of places to stop in our travels is exciting.

    Thank you for sharing your blog, life experiences, and educational values.

    Ps- The shark tube being used as a tornado shelter is extremely neat in my book and definitely something that I never would have guessed! 🙂

  4. I don’t like being under water either! Lol! Fabulous to hear your thoughts. Thanks from this homeschooling mama of five active boys:-)

  5. Lol! Please tell me how that works that it’s the safest spot!? I mean I guess I believe them, but like you said…no thanks!

  6. Your blog is adorable and well written! My daughter is only 1, but I love all the ideas to keep kiddos occupied!

  7. I totally just imagined a ‘Sharknado’ scene if a tornado were to rip through there! Loving your blog! I was looking for kid-friendly places to visit for a trip to Tulsa 🙂

  8. I really liked your blog … nothing like visiting beautiful places with loved ones… Congratulations!!!

  9. educational expeditions for those who do not have the opportunity to meet and visit important places like you do together with your young children. is very interesting to learn about the culture of the cities, where they come from, where the story begins. know every detail and enjoy the ride. Greetings from Chile.

  10. I’m
    Hoping that tank is very re-enforced! I would not want anything breaking on me during tornado!

    Sounds like the aquarium works to make the place fun for kids!

  11. Hey Natalie!
    Congratulations on your page.
    Entertaining kids is not an easy task. I really like all your tours with them and especially the way they feel motivated. Amazing mom! 🙂 God bless you! ♡
    Greetings from Brazil 🙂

  12. I love your blog! I don’t have any kids yet (or a boyfriend hahaha) but I am a big believer in home schooling. I was never home schooled but I have friends that were that had learned and retained far more than I ever did through those young years. Great job!! XO

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