Food on the Move

The kids and I had so much fun last weekend getting to help out at Food on the Move. Food On The Move was started to address food deserts in our community. If you aren’t familiar with the term “food desert”, it is a place where there is no access to fresh, nutritious food within a close distance. It seems crazy to think this problem exists in our city with so many grocery stores in certain areas, but it does. Food on the Move brings together local farmers with the food truck community to offer free lunch and produce to anyone who comes out. The kids and I were there to jump rope, hula-hoop, and just kick a ball around with the children at the event. The weather was amazing and we had a blast serving in our little way along with the rest of the great Food on the Move team!



  1. Love the idea of a mobile library. So few kids get to visit a library outside of school. I loved books as a kid (still do!). Can’t believe the number of kids who miss out on great adventures just because there is no library within walking distance of their home. This was great!

  2. What a great idea! I love to see kids getting involved too. We were just at the park playing and before we left I asked my five children to each pick up two pieces of trash from the ground. They picked up more than that and it only took a couple minutes. It’s neat to teach kids to look beyond themselves and make a difference. By the way, love your braids:)

  3. This looks like such an amazing initiative. What a wonderful way to give back to your community. LOVE the idea of combining the literacy with the book truck – how cool is that?! We live in a very rural area where there are loads of fresh farms/markets everywhere and are so blessed by it. However, the city closest to us has the highest poverty rating in Canada. I’m sure there is room for something very similar to the Food on the Move project there… *hm* love!

  4. What an amazing way to serve your community! Feeding peoples’ stomachs and hearts. I would love to bring this to the Las Vegas area… how do I make that happen?!

  5. This is such amazing work. I am currently plowing through political hoops to get a free co-operative community garden built here in our town which is unfortunately a food desert. Mixed with low income families and elderly people, food insecurity is a huge burden to our neighborhood. My three kids have been sharing in all the work of the humblr work of building the community and creating some transparency into this issue that is far too common in North America. Congratulations on such a kind and generous endeavor and instilling the art of giving and service in so many people. Wonderful.

    • *in all the humble work.
      Hah. That’s what I get for typing a response while trying to manage lunchtime as well 😉

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