Hello Will!

We made it over to Claremore this week to say hello to Oklahoma’s favorite son, Will Rogers, at the Will Rogers Museum.

To get everyone’s head around what a guy he was, we watched The Story of Will Rogers, narrated by Bob Hope. The movie has great footage of him with several presidents which was cool for the kids to see because we have been all about the presidents lately!

WR memorialIn front of the building is the tomb and memorial of Will Rogers. Clever quotes are everywhere at this museum, and none more memorable than the one he requested for his epitaph.

WR epitaph

” I never met a man I didn’t like” – Will Rogers

Inside the museum there are several rooms each with a different themed display.  We enjoyed the large room devoted to family information and mementos.  There were lots of photos and some Cherokee writings and bows and arrows which the kids thought were amazing.

Will R mini

Viggo and Penny checking out the display of miniatures depicting scenes from Will’s life.

WR basement playroom

The lower level of the museum is set up as a play area for kids. There are building stations and a mini stage and backstage area, much like the one Will had made for his own children at his California ranch. mini ropersRiver and Willa took advantage of the ropes and things they had out for kids on the lawn.

I really enjoyed our day here. I love when the people working in the museum are genuinely excited about what they are sharing with their guests and that is definitely the case here. One man gave a talk on Will’s life using Will’s style of roping while casually tossing out his signature wit. He also stopped kids all though the museum to ask questions and give them the inside scoop!

I found this scavenger hunt on the museum site and printed them out to use as review once we came home. Scavenger hunt activities can be fun for kids if that is what you are focusing on, but I find they can also take you out of the moment a bit, so a lot of the time I will use them as a before or after supplement to our visit. It was interesting for me to see what they remembered!

Viggo wall of aspirations

Great guy to look up to, that Will Rogers.

  1. Just wanted to say I’m glad you made this blog. I have always been curious how you parent and teach. By the way, the girls look adorable in their matching dresses! Where do you like to shop for Penny’s clothes? She always looks so cute. My daughter Luci (#monikercrushmonday Luciana) is getting to the age she wants a say in her clothing. #theygrowuptoofast

  2. Hi

    You seem to be a very sweet mom. I love the way you dress your kids.

    Congratulations for your blog.


  3. I look forward to your posts! Wonderful to see a mom enjoying her kids and teaching them along the way. Being a homeschool mom myself, I know there can be challenges but seeing another mom making it happen is inspiring and reminds the rest of us of the good in it all and to just keep going:) Thanks!

  4. Our family loves to take our three girls to new experiences to learn while having fun too. If you and the kids tag along to Cincinnati on the next tour I highly recommend stopping by the Cincinnati Zoo. It is within walking distance (or a super short taxi ride) from Bogarts (the venue they typically play at) and they have been doing some amazing updates over the past couple of years. We also have the Cincinnati Museum nearby that has several different exhibits that are always neat and a Children’s museum. On top of that there is the Omnimax, which is so neat to watch for the kids and parents. There is also the Newport Aquarium just across the river in Kentucky where you can pet the sharks and other creatures as well as do programs where you can interact with the penguins. A little further into Kentucky (about 20 minutes from Cincinnati) is the Creation Museum if you wanted to do a biblical lesson. This area has a ton to offer, so if your family ever finds yourself in the area looking for an adventure you won’t be disappointed!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to review these sites in Oklahoma. I have been thru the state several times on the way to Dallas from Omaha with my three kiddos. I homeschool my oldest, 10, and gearing up for some hands on tips for my younger ones (ages 2 and 3). I’ll have to refer back to this blog the next time we stop by.

    Oh, and a side note, I’m a fan of your children’s style. Would love an idea on how to keep kiddos stylish with look a like wardrobe pieces (I keep my shopping a little light with H and M, Zara, Target, Gap…)

    Keep on smiling.

  6. I am loving your blog! I plan to homeschool my children (once we have some) and you’ve already given me some great extracurricular/field trip ideas to work with when the time comes. Thanks!

  7. It is so nice to see that going to museums hasn’t died. I have always taken my children to museums as well as other adventures that promote learning while having fun for years. I’m not from your area and it is wonderful to see what OK has to over. Could be a destination for my family over the summer. It’s always exciting to explore new territory.

  8. Hi Natalie, I just wanted to say thank you for taking us along for the ride while you visit the wonderful places you are discovering in Oklahoma.What a wonderful mom you are being so involved with your little mini me’s. I look forward to many more of your fun learning adventures. 🙂 Rene’e

  9. You did a great job writing this and the pictures are awesome. The girls’s dresses were pretty cute and the history lesson is appreciated as well 🙂

  10. Natalie, I have loved following you on Twitter and seeing how much you delight in being a mom! As parents of two toddlers, my husband and I are seriously considering homeschooling. The more I read/research/talk to friends about homeschooling, the more excited I get about engaging our kids in discovery and learning! I was wondering what advice you have for parents who are considering homeschooling?

  11. I’m loving your blog! Homeschooling gets a lot of undeserved flack but you are showing how wonderful it can be. As a public school educator, I’m envious of the advantages you have! Being able to let kids actually go out and experience what they are learning is so important and helps them remember the material so much more. Go kinesthetic learners! I wish I could take my kiddos out in the field more. Keep it up! 🙂

  12. My wife and I have a son and I home school him. This is very inspiring and I cannot wait to travel on down south and explore some of the places you have suggested.

  13. Have you visited the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center in Enid? It’s an incredible place – from the exhibits inside to the Heritage Village on the grounds. I teach American History at the local college so I’m a bit of (ok total) history nerd, but the museum really is wonderful for all ages. Very well done.

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