Linnaeus Teaching Gardens

I am excited to share a beautiful Tulsa treasure with you this week. The children and I recently enjoyed a guided tour of the lovely Linnaeus Teaching Gardens. The gardens are located in Woodward Park, right behind the Rose Garden. We had a great time learning all about the plants and vegetables they grow in the garden and how the volunteers all work together to tend to the plants and landscape and keep the garden running. The garden has been around for nine years and is maintained completely by volunteers.  In addition to general tours of the garden they offer several different educational options geared towards children including story time on weekday mornings and classes one morning a month each dealing with a different subject related to gardening. You can also just walk through and enjoy whenever they are opened!



Another happening at the gardens right now is a photography contest for kids ages 18 and under for pictures taken in the gardens.  I brought along a second camera guy for this trip who was pretty excited about that idea.


The kids really liked the herb garden section. Who knew there were so many varieties of basil with so many distinct aromas? Yum.



K45A1839A perfect pepper find in the vegetable garden!

K45A1799The greenhouse was full of interesting plants including one that ate bugs, which is what the boys are looking at so intently.



Inside the office of the garden is a station set up with learning resources and even lesson plan ideas for children. Love!




    • I love viewing pictures that kids have taken. They have such a unique view of the world. I love seeing images that were important to them.

  1. Looks like it was a beautiful day for exploring nature! As a kid, I would have immediately gravitated toward that great Koi pond, but right now I’m sitting here wishing there were more pics of the herb garden. My husband and I are obsessed with growing our own assortment of herbs, including the 7 different kinds of basils we’ve got this year. Also, how precious are those matching dresses?

  2. The gardens do look very beautiful. I would love to see it when I am able to make it out for MOE again. And your kids are too adorable. River looks so much like his dad.

  3. Hello! I have a 21 months old girl and I love reading your blog. Her name is Isabela and I’m trying to teach her great things just like you do. Do you have any sugestion for activities that I can do with her? I’m from Brazil and she loves the beach!

    Congratulations for your lovely family!
    Love, Mari.

  4. Have you ever looked into Learning Herbs online? We use the board game Wildcraft from them. My kids really enjoy working with herbs, harvesting, drying, making ‘potions’/tinctures. It’s something we like to do together. Keeping us close to the earth, growing our food, and even some of our medicines. Looks like a great place to learn some of these skills!

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