Tulsa Historical Society

I thought my little blog might need to be dusted off for spring before everyone comes to town,  so I took the chance to enjoy a much needed sunny day here in Tulsa at the Tulsa Historical Society with my girls!

The Tulsa Historical Society building is the former mansion of the Travis Family and is located adjacent to Woodward Park, where you can also visit the Linneaus Teaching Gardens, the Rose Garden, and the Arboretum. All of these beautiful spots are located within walking distance of each other.

The Historical Society has an exhibit hall with a timeline of the cities history, which like most of the state, is a colorful combination of indian tribes and oil!  It is an easy and quick way to sort through the roots of the city.

For those who want to dive a little deeper, there is a cozy research center upstairs which has a collection of books on the city’s history, many of which are difficult to find elsewhere.  There is also a great collection of Tulsa and Oklahoma history books for sale at the entrance to the museum.

Funday Sunday!

With all the wet weather lately, come Sunday we were ready to get out and have a little fun! We decided to head over to Gilcrease Museum for their Funday Sunday event. We had a ball and enjoyed all the activities they had set up for children. The whole museum had such a friendly feeling that day!


There was a craft set up in the beautiful Vista Room for the kids to do. When I come to Gilcrease I always make sure to walk in the room just to enjoy the view of the Osage Hills!



Everyone (especially Viggo who loves a good list to check off!) had fun doing the art hunt through the galleries.





Although I don’t have a picture of it for you guys, I think my favorite part of the day was hearing the string quartet playing music in front of Shoshone Falls on the Snake River by Thomas Moran. As my friend Jessica said, “it was like the paintings were coming alive!”



And why not a little gelato at STG to wrap it all up?


What a beautiful weekend we had in Tulsa. The weather was perfect for heading over to Oktoberfest!  I have to tell you, the Tulsa State Fair is the real deal and we always try to make our fall pilgrimage, but we couldn’t do it this year which left me a little disappointed. Now I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you like a few rides, and few fried items, fall atmosphere, (with maybe a little less livestock) Oktoberfest can definitely do the trick! We’ve actually skipped the ride section at the fair the past few years and have just gone to Oktoberfest because the area is small enough that I can actually let my kids go around with friends to the rides without losing everybody. Also, if you have child who happens to look dashing in lederhosen, this is the perfect excuse to have him put those things on so you can gawk at his cuteness 😉









begging for a dance partner

k45a6135she wins as usual.


  • top featured image credit : Rebecca Sarkar  Thanks for letting me jump in 🙂

Book Giveaway!

So remember last week when I told you guys about my friend  Julie’s new book? Well, we are giving away a copy! The book is called Raising an Original and I love Julie’s insights into parenting all of her unique kids and I’m sure you will too!  If you want to enter to win, just type “original” in the comments and a winner will be chosen at random on Monday. Good Luck!   (this giveaway is now closed)

Second Saturdays

This past Saturday we felt the first hint of fall weather and it was so amazing! We had to get outside and take it in so a few of us headed over to Philbrook to wander the gardens and enjoy Second Saturday.  Every second Saturday of the month, the museum offers free admission and special activities such as art projects and scavenger hunts for children. Also, kids can sign up for their My Museum program and get cute little carrying cases with cards inside that have information on different pieces in the museum!

PWV walking in k45a5869 k45a5881 k45a5899 k45a5902 k45a5904 k45a5905 k45a5916 k45a5951

The next Second Saturday takes place October 8th!







A Summer Road Trip

I was so happy a few weeks ago when it worked out for us to hit the road and do some exploring as a family. All was quiet in Tulsa after little Lucille was born and it seemed the perfect chance to slip away for a few days. Luckily, we were all able to give her a quick squeeze before we left. She is so dreamy!  We really didn’t start out with specific plans on this trip, besides the fact that we started out in the eastern direction, but as we drove down the road talking about our country’s current events and listening to David McCullough audiobooks, we started thinking about how cool it would be to dig into the early history of the US of A, so we just kept driving east!

Our visit to Jamestown was way more inspirational than I expected. I expected just sort of a landmarker, and there ya go, Jamestown. Well, turns out Jamestown is a part of the National Park Service so they have ranger guided tours of the site. Our ranger guide was so awesome! I think all of us shed a tear at some point listening to him speak about the hardships faced by the colonists and the way they persevered and prospered.  Just so America, ya know?

IMG_5760 IMG_5765 IMG_5796  IMG_5807

When I was seven I attended an event to launch the new American Girl doll, Felicity, in Colonial Williamsburg. Pleasant Rowland, who founded American Girl, spoke at the event and hearing her love of history and storytelling and of teaching young girls made such an impression on me. That trip with my mother is one of my most magical childhood memories and I have always wanted to go back with my own children, so this felt a little bit like a dream come true. We’ve been so close to visiting when we’ve been in the D.C. area but there are always so many friends to see and things to do that we’ve never made it happen. So this trip we did!  It was fun to tour the Governor’s Palace and run though the maze and eat in a tavern and all of that, but what I was really surprised by with Colonial Williamsburg was just how pretty it is! The trees and animals and gardens were all pretty dreamy and we enjoyed just walking through all of that more than anything.







We also made an after hours stop at Monticello. It was too late to go in, (which was weird because we felt like we knew TJ and the place well thanks again to David McCullough)  but it worked out fine because there are actually several museum areas, a movie on Jefferson and a shop down at the entrance area to Monticello.

IMG_5847 IMG_5833

We also made some SUPER fun stops in Tennessee.  We rafted down a river and made a long overdue trip to Dollywood. Big time fans here.



Inspirational quotes abound at Dollywood!

This whole little trip was just so special to me. My big kids are getting, well, big.  Everyone has more going on which is wonderful and I love seeing them blossom, but when Taylor looked over at me and asked why I was smiling so big, I said “because all my people are locked up in this loud crazy van and it makes me feel so peaceful.”  … Or maybe I was just still high from smelling baby Lucille!! Happy back to school you guys!



Children’s Discovery Garden

We spent Sunday at the Children’s Discovery Garden at Tulsa Botanic Gardens. The garden is just a few minutes north of downtown and is an exciting new addition to the city.  It was honestly too hot to see the entire garden, but the children’s garden turned out to be plenty of fun for a Sunday afternoon. When we arrived at the front desk, the kids picked up maps to the children’s garden that listed a few fun things to look for as they walked through the area. I like the “scavenger hunt” idea most when it is simple and doesn’t take away from the feeling of being present when you are visiting somewhere. This one was really fun and my list oriented child made sure he found everything!

viggo garden map

I was lucky to have a couple extra photographers on hand to capture our day.

penny photo pond

willa photo

scene botanic garden

big boys garden

viggo sensory garden

 The Sensory Walk highlights ways to use all five senses in the garden.

head garden

Spring Giant!


Inside Spring Giant. Contemplating sticking their heads under the water, I think.


The art wall where you can use the water to paint.

band garden

Playing the instruments behind Spring Giant, and I think Willa is the majorette.

willa tree fort bridge

Inside the magical tree fort. This was our favorite part!

boys thrones

River and Viggo on the awesome “Oak Thrones”. I’m not sure if climbing on them is against the rules.. if so, sorry!  (Hanson kids are part monkey!)

penny touch knit

Penny and I couldn’t get enough of this beautiful art around the tree branch.

pen div climb pic

The buddies. climbing on things again 😉

riv ribbons

riv will costumes

Dressing up in the tree fort. It really was dreamy there!

viggo cray costumes

viggo dragonflies

Spinning the dragonflies on the Meadow.

will ribbon garden


Food on the Move

The kids and I had so much fun last weekend getting to help out at Food on the Move. Food On The Move was started to address food deserts in our community. If you aren’t familiar with the term “food desert”, it is a place where there is no access to fresh, nutritious food within a close distance. It seems crazy to think this problem exists in our city with so many grocery stores in certain areas, but it does. Food on the Move brings together local farmers with the food truck community to offer free lunch and produce to anyone who comes out. The kids and I were there to jump rope, hula-hoop, and just kick a ball around with the children at the event. The weather was amazing and we had a blast serving in our little way along with the rest of the great Food on the Move team!



National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

A few weeks ago I loaded up the crew and drove over to OKC to learn a little more about the legend of the wild west no kid can resist, the cowboy!  At The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum there are exhibits that focus on the real history of cowboys and their role in shaping the west, but there is also plenty here devoted to the legend of the cowboy played out in the old movies we all love. Both are fascinating elements of American history and we enjoyed it all.


In addition to the permanent exhibits, there were a few temporary ones we had fun with like Riding The Whirlwind: Weather In The West. They have several hands on displays explaining the elements of weather and the favorite was the makeshift television studio green screen they could jump in front of and appear of the screen. It was hard to get them to move past this one! There was also a unique exhibit focused solely on the history and styles of bolo-ties! Does anyone know where I can get a cute one around here?



We then exited the main building and went inside the Children’s Cowboy Corral. There everyone played for a long time pretending to be cooking up the pot of chili for the cowboys. Are you familiar with Shelley Duvall’s Tall Tales and Legends Pecos Bill? It’s one of our all-time favorites and they were acting out most of the movie!




 The Rodeo Exhibit


working on their weather exhibit handout


cute girls cheezin’