Tulsa Children’s Museum

If you are looking for a place to let your children release their excess of energy in a stimulating and educational environment, the head over to the Tulsa Children’s Museum!

Not only do I really enjoy this place, I’m also just really grateful it’s here now. Having spent the first few years of parenthood traveling to almost every major city with kids and babies in tow, desperately searching out places for those little people to run free, I practically became a children’s museum connoisseur. I have seen them all. Really, all! Whenever we headed home to T-Town, I always found myself thinking, “Where is our children’s museum?!”

Well, here it is!

Penny on a rope

The kids took off their shoes and went straight to enjoying the fun and practically indestructable exhibits in the large room of the museum.

Viggo Tape Slide EntranceA huge slide made entirely of tape! A dream.

Sisters SlideWilla was beyond proud of herself for being brave enough to slide. She went “again!” and “again!”.

Viggo Bungi MazeViggo was digging this bungee maze and was reenacting the scene from Get Smart where Max and 99 limbo around the lasers. That kid.

another sister play area

Another play area where kids can scoot around and catch balls flying out of tubes, or just have your big sister provide all your entertainment.

Nat tip chair

 I couldn’t resist these chairs. They are almost untippable!

In addition to the main exhibit hall, there is a temporary exhibit called red dirt dinosaurs. The exhibit includes animatronic dinos and information on species found right here in OK.

kids with dino


And as if all of this wasn’t enough to engage everyone, there is one more room tucked away in the back of the dinosaur exhibit, where kids can sit down and work through a simple science experiment with the help of the staff.  They told us the experiment changes weekly to give frequent visitors something new.

lab coats on

Suiting Up

little scientistsMy Little Scientists


  2. This is awesome! There’s a children’s museum like this in CT, where they have special exhibits and a whole section on aerospace.The kids I teach love going there on field trips. Thanks for sharing!

  3. How fun!! We have something similar here in Pittsburgh. We love to travel so it’ll be cool to follow your adventures to see what is family friendly!!

  4. This looks super fun! Our local Children’s Museum is tiny compared to this. We have a road-trip planned for this summer, maybe we’ll make a stop in Tulsa on the way home!

  5. OMG. The museum is superb. If only we have this kind of museum in Malaysia and all the people will love museum. BTW, great blog u have here. Adore you a young mom with 5 kids! You are awesome. ☺

  6. Hey nat, your blog is really incredible. It’s really nice to see how an amazing mom you are and how you have fun with the kids. Keep writting and sharing these experiences with us! It’s inspiring!

  7. This is awesome! My kids would LOVE this place! There is a a museum called the Ark Encounter opening up in Williamstown, Kentucky in the Summer. I can’t wait to check it out with all my kids. You all would probably love it. Thanks so much for sharing!

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