Tulsa Historical Society

I thought my little blog might need to be dusted off for spring before everyone comes to town,  so I took the chance to enjoy a much needed sunny day here in Tulsa at the Tulsa Historical Society with my girls!

The Tulsa Historical Society building is the former mansion of the Travis Family and is located adjacent to Woodward Park, where you can also visit the Linneaus Teaching Gardens, the Rose Garden, and the Arboretum. All of these beautiful spots are located within walking distance of each other.

The Historical Society has an exhibit hall with a timeline of the cities history, which like most of the state, is a colorful combination of indian tribes and oil!  It is an easy and quick way to sort through the roots of the city.

For those who want to dive a little deeper, there is a cozy research center upstairs which has a collection of books on the city’s history, many of which are difficult to find elsewhere.  There is also a great collection of Tulsa and Oklahoma history books for sale at the entrance to the museum.

  1. That 1920s wedding hat though. Definitely gonna bring that back style back when I get married 😛

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