Visit to the Lost Kingdom

The other day TulsaKids posted a reminder of the educational resources available from the Tulsa Zoo. I’ve got one or two hardcore zoo devotees that I knew would be into this! There are plenty of lessons to choose from on the education page of the zoo’s website. We went with one of the more simple projects and printed out a coloring book that specifically connects to the Lost Kingdom exhibit. This gave us a chance to do some research on the animals ahead of time, which never fails to make seeing them a little more exciting! Also, a hidden benefit of this little lesson was streamlining our zoo visit! I won’t name names, but one of my children comes to the zoo with a map and very loooong checklist of things to see. What can I say? The man likes a plan. Keeping our focus on the one exhibit made everybody feel satisfied without having to hike the whole zoo. I love that our zoo membership lets us come and go without the pressure of having to squeeze everything into one visit. The zoo is also only doing advance reservations right now to prioritize social distancing which made our visit even better, Not a crowd of humans in sight!