Woody Guthrie and The Beatles!

It was a beautiful morning in Tulsa a few days ago as we headed to the Woody Guthrie Center downtown. The center opened in 2013, but this was our first visit and it was a blast! I’ll be honest and tell you besides hearing my grandparents play his records when I was little, and his obvious calling card “This Land is our Land”, I really didn’t know too much about Woody Guthrie. The center certainly took care of that.

V this land is your land

The story of who Woody was and his contributions to the world are presented in a sensory interactive way that brings him to life during your visit. There was very little reading required to enjoy this museum, so even the littlest ones were fully engaged. The first thing you come to is a theatre playing a movie about Woody’s life. I really didn’t expect to be so touched by this film, but the way they emphasized how “American” his style of traveling and taking in different influences from the people around him, got me. Maybe it reminded me of another Okie I know, just a little!


V helping W

pwv listening

all listening

The Beatles exhibit now on display was an added bonus of musical fun. There was some major arguing over whose turn it was to do the “lesson with Ringo” on the drums. That was such a hit. Penny liked listening to the audio of them from one of their first press conferences. She said they sounded a little bit like One Direction.geez.

River Beatles

W drummingPenny Listening

After leaving the museum, we strolled over to STG Pizza and Gelateria for lunch and a treat!

penny gelatoWilla gelato

One more thing, the Woody Guthrie Center has a great selection of lesson plans of their site to supplement your visit. I used This Land is your Land for grade 3 before we went to spark some discussion, and plan to use the Dust Bowl lesson later this week.

  1. Thank you for sharing. I’m not in Oklahoma, but I am a teacher. The lesson plans you linked to are great. I study regions of the United States with my students and this is a great resource that I plan to incorporate into my lessons next year.

  2. awesome photos. BTW I just love the Beatles dress that Willa is wearing, very appropriate for this little excursion. did u sew that from a shirt into a dress

  3. You have a beautiful way with words. I look forward to your writings about these adventures! Homeschooling fun! Love it!

  4. Great post! Your words and pictures make wish that I had a magic device where I could simply close my eyes and be transported to Tulsa to experience the fun, especially this blog post because Woody Guthrie was such an influence for so many artists (mainly Bob Dylan of whom i adore). My daughter only soon to be 8mo but the key is definitely to start thing young and you’ve proven with this posts that education can be interesting, off beat, and fun. It certainly seems as if the people of Tulsa opening the variety of learning centers has that down to a science, I am impressed.

    I had a question however and I’m not even sure if this is the right place to ask, but someday when my daughter is old enough to start school I would like to go the route of homeschooling her, but I have no idea where to begin my research on the matter. Do you have any suggestions or helpful tips for a mom looking to homeschool someday? Also how do you manage to homeschool children of various grade levels while still keeping it fun and interesting for all?

    • I’ve only been homeschooling all of my kids since Christmas, but my starting point was Facebook. If you just search: “state you live in-homeschool”, in Facebook, you should get a few different groups to join! For the age gaps (my 5 are between 2 and 12), so far I have just stocked up on tons and tons of books and focus on what each likes. I have a lot of places in my state that I plan to take them too. I wish you luck!!!

    • It’s interesting, watching our children learn the same subject matter. Our 14 year old and 5 year old can listen to our explanation of a concept, but they each absorb it on a different level. Hands on experiences, both visual and tactile activities are the best for a broad age range. We also collaborate with some local mamas and teach a class together to the kids, all ages, on a monthly basis. We take field trips together too. Even mamas can learn alongside the kiddos. You can check out your local fb page regarding homeschoolers and reach out to them for support, after all, homeschooling starts when they enter your home, even as babies!

  5. Sounds like fun! I just talked about “This Land is Your Land” with my third graders, and my fourth grade son just learned about the dust bowl. Do you know how long The Beatles exhibit will be around? Would love to see that when I come to town!

  6. Natalie, I don’t even have kids, but I’m not gonna lie, I am enjoying your blog posts!

  7. Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a entirely different
    subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Outstanding
    choice of colors!

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