We spent a cool spring day at Woolaroc last week and I just love that place! Actually, this crazy awesome door at the entrance of the museum was my inspiration for the artwork here on the blog. It’s my colors!

christmas card

We talk a lot about his brother Waite here in Tulsa, but I have to say I think I’m partial to Frank’s style. While he logged plenty of city hours in his busy life running Phillips Petroleum, it was in the peaceful and rugged land of Bartlesville where Frank reconnected with himself. He turned Woolaroc into his own western wonderland.

woolaroc teepee

woolarvoc fountain

He liked to bring people into his world where they could experience the west he imagined. That romanticized west is what you see curated in the museum portion of the grounds. There are works by Remington and Moran, as well as more modern artists such as Wilson Hurley .There is also one of the largest collections of Colt Firearms and my boys were mesmerized.

colt guns

viggo gun

There is plenty of room to stretch your legs around the museum, and the little playground they have which is made to look like a mini wild west town is so cute!

willa playground

Frank Phillips built his own reality at Woolaroc and it is great to be able to be a part of it!

woolaroc buffalo

  1. I love reading your posts:) It is fun to get great ideas for learning, especially from a mom with a bunch of boys and more than two kids;) I have five sons. Awesome to see dad able to be involved too:) What a blessing. I’ve been inspired by you to look around my area for fun ways to learn. Thank you!

  2. Yay! I see you took my suggestion! I absolutely love Woolaroc. Did you get to visit the Mountain Man camp as well? If not, I highly suggest it. So glad you loved it.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’m making a list of places for us to go when we take our trip to OK. I sent you an email late last week about the Sam Noble tickets and haven’t heard back so I wanted to make sure you got it! We are looking forward to going.

  4. Thanks for the great posts! You have some really great ideas. I am a classroom teacher, but I am planning to do a little homeschooling with my kids over the summer, and your ideas and posts have given me some great inspiration. I think I may even start my own blog that is geared more towards North Texas. Thanks again for all the inspiration! You seem like a great mom and teacher!

  5. Natalie you are such an inspiration as a mom and a woman. Thank you for sharing. It’s inspired me to seek out the learning available in our city and the time spent experiencing has been magical.

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